Zalman ZM-SHE500 HDD Enclosure

Zalman ZM-SHE500 HDD Enclosure with Hardware password security

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  • ZM-SHE500
  • Zalman - HDD Enclosure
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Product Description

(1) ZM-SHE500 Supports additional functions via"Menu" on it

(2) Show the Temperature of HDD which is installed in ZM-SHE500

(3) It shows the current USB port speed between ZM-SHE500 and the connected PC or Laptop.

(4) No any S/W or Driver for security is required. it is a stand alone hardware encryption devise

(5) Independent and real time hardware encryption compatible with any devise supporting USB host

(6) ZM-SHE350 supports full hardware encryption. so, no data transfer speed down even in reading and writing under the security mode

(7) Without the correct password, it is impossible to read and decode any data on the encrypted HDD in ZM-SHE350